Writing Inspiration- Where does it come from and how do you get it?

Before becoming a writer, if faced with a life or death situation where only creativity would save me, I’d be a goner. I marveled at the author creativity in books I read. And then one day, I had an idea. And the idea grew into a scene, and the scene into a chapter, and theContinue reading “Writing Inspiration- Where does it come from and how do you get it?”

Racism and My Response

8/29/20     A few days ago, I was sitting in an insurance meeting when the speaker made a very subtle racist remark. The insurance man at my school was talking about identifying child abuse when he said, “You need to know the difference between a black guy on the play ground and a black guyContinue reading “Racism and My Response”

The Failure of Crisis Education… And What to Do Next

It doesn’t take a research expert, only a single parent, to tell you that last spring’s online education program was a disaster within a global disaster.     Now, heading back into the school year, you are faced with a tough choice. Where should you send your child? There are many options: public school, charter school,Continue reading “The Failure of Crisis Education… And What to Do Next”

Alaska: The Last Frontier- a day in the life of a local

8/13/20 Nestled among mountains, tucked in one of the furthest corners of the world is a place that is more special to me than anywhere I’ve traveled. Perhaps its two parts beauty and three parts nostalgia, but Haines, Alaska is a place that has haunted my dreams for nearly two decades. And I’m not speakingContinue reading “Alaska: The Last Frontier- a day in the life of a local”

Shattered Dreams and Fractured Wrists

8/6/20 We were deep in the Alaskan wilderness. The sun beat down on our backs as we scaled the rocky mountain, a vertical face of hard gray shale and scraggly shrub. The kids did well climbing up, and at the top, the view was breathtaking.     It was the journey down when terror struck.    Continue reading “Shattered Dreams and Fractured Wrists”

Starvation Creek

    7/26/20     It’s not always easy to find an adventure with your kids. Fortunately, I have a sister-in-law with every hike in the Pacific Northwest mapped in her head (or so it seems). A few weeks ago, she recommended a little gem I’d never been to: Starvation Creek.     This roughly five-mile stretch ofContinue reading “Starvation Creek”

The Idea Spark

   July 17th, 2020 I remember the exact day. In fact, I remember the exact moment. I’d just had my third baby in less than 3.5 years, and this mama was tired. Tired in a way that isn’t like an I-just-stayed-up-all-night-and-now-I’m-exhausted tired. It was a weariness that seeps into one’s soul. That shoves you down asContinue reading “The Idea Spark”

Adventure Monday’s and Why They’re Necessary

Have you ever felt like you needed to get out? I mean really change things up? “Claire,” you say. “Is this really the first blog question of your first post?You must be the newest of newbies to ask such an asinine question.” Okay, okay. You’re totally right. It was dumb. Only because we all knowContinue reading “Adventure Monday’s and Why They’re Necessary”