Why Food Intolerances Are Actually a Blessing

    In my twenties I used to brag, “I’ll eat anything. I can eat anything.” Everywhere I turned, it felt like someone was intolerant to gluten or nuts or dairy. The list went on and on, but when I went over to people’s houses for dinner, I proudly boasted that I was an easy-to-deal-with individualContinue reading “Why Food Intolerances Are Actually a Blessing”

A SCOBY for You, Kombucha for Everyone (And my own master recipe)

    My story begins one day while I was nursing a hangover (I know, world. I’m admitting it right now. Scandalous, I’m sure. But yes I, Claire Norsworthy, suffered a few hangovers in my twenties.) At the time, I was working at a charming little café nestled between shops, apartments, and maple trees in NWContinue reading “A SCOBY for You, Kombucha for Everyone (And my own master recipe)”