Alaska: The Last Frontier- a day in the life of a local

8/13/20 Nestled among mountains, tucked in one of the furthest corners of the world is a place that is more special to me than anywhere I’ve traveled. Perhaps its two parts beauty and three parts nostalgia, but Haines, Alaska is a place that has haunted my dreams for nearly two decades. And I’m not speakingContinue reading “Alaska: The Last Frontier- a day in the life of a local”

Starvation Creek

    7/26/20     It’s not always easy to find an adventure with your kids. Fortunately, I have a sister-in-law with every hike in the Pacific Northwest mapped in her head (or so it seems). A few weeks ago, she recommended a little gem I’d never been to: Starvation Creek.     This roughly five-mile stretch ofContinue reading “Starvation Creek”

Adventure Monday’s and Why They’re Necessary

Have you ever felt like you needed to get out? I mean really change things up? “Claire,” you say. “Is this really the first blog question of your first post?You must be the newest of newbies to ask such an asinine question.” Okay, okay. You’re totally right. It was dumb. Only because we all knowContinue reading “Adventure Monday’s and Why They’re Necessary”