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The Emerald of Viridian

Sixteen-year old Katie Edwards only wants one thing: Jake Bronson. But while he is popular and perfect, Katie’s frizzy hair and excess pounds stand in the way of her dream. On the devastating day that he rejects her, Katie goes to sleep that night and wakes up in a world full of beauty and mystery. Her journey, exactly one day, takes her through miles of beach and jungle, brings her face-to-face with a killer spider, and ends when her enigmatic rescuer nearly kills her.

When Katie wakes up in her bed the next morning, she realizes it’s time to make life changes. Her efforts to transform her body not only save her life, but bring her ever closer to Jake.

As the dreams take her to the strange world, so does her need to find out what happened to the abandoned island of Viridian. Only she can save the last of the people stranded on the island, doomed to die with the catastrophe that will destroy it all.

(The Chronicles of Caelestis Book 2– Coming February 2022)

Coming 2022

The Cardboard Box Brothers

In the heart of every little boy lies one dream: to be a super hero.

That dream becomes reality when three brothers stumble upon nothing more than a cardboard box that changes their lives forever.

The adventure takes the brothers, ages six, nine, and eleven, all the way from the suburban streets of Idaho to a tropical island in the Bermuda Triangle. The boys must escape villains, seek treasure, and fight for their very lives… all while protecting the secret of the cardboard box.

Meet the Valor Brothers: Ezra, Nathan, and Sam

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