Sometimes Happiness is Hard to Find

    Many of my years were spent somewhere between the edge of unhappiness and a dark abyss. Those dark moments began in the eighth grade and ended at the age of twenty-five. In fact, I remember the day they ended. It was a very strange moment of realization. It was my 25th birthday, and IContinue reading “Sometimes Happiness is Hard to Find”

This fortnight’s survey has been provided by special guest author Claire Norsworthy

Originally posted on Barbara’s Booknalysis:
Claire Norsworthy was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. She began writing three years ago after having three boys in three-and-a-half years and was forced to turn to fiction for escape. Fueled by coffee and manic energy, she typed nearly one million words equaling roughly five full length novels.?…

Why Food Intolerances Are Actually a Blessing

    In my twenties I used to brag, “I’ll eat anything. I can eat anything.” Everywhere I turned, it felt like someone was intolerant to gluten or nuts or dairy. The list went on and on, but when I went over to people’s houses for dinner, I proudly boasted that I was an easy-to-deal-with individualContinue reading “Why Food Intolerances Are Actually a Blessing”

Racism and My Response

8/29/20     A few days ago, I was sitting in an insurance meeting when the speaker made a very subtle racist remark. The insurance man at my school was talking about identifying child abuse when he said, “You need to know the difference between a black guy on the play ground and a black guyContinue reading “Racism and My Response”