It’s not always easy to find an adventure with your kids. Fortunately, I have a sister-in-law with every hike in the Pacific Northwest mapped in her head (or so it seems). A few weeks ago, she recommended a little gem I’d never been to: Starvation Creek.

    This roughly five-mile stretch of wide, paved trail takes its explorers past four waterfalls in about a two-mile long section. The Norz family didn’t make it to the fourth fall, so I can’t say with any accuracy at what distance this fall is located, but the first three made their appearance in less than a one-mile stretch.

    After a picnic lunch at the base of Starvation Creek Falls, we headed out on our scooters for a mile before we turned around at the point that is now the profile picture on my “About Me” page. Next up was Hole in the Wall falls, a cute, little spurting falls where one and a half children almost died climbing a steep off-trail section of boulders.

    Last but not least was Cabin Creek Falls. This one was probably my favorite since it was possible to hike all the way up to the top if you were agile enough to make it up the (what felt like) 200% grade of slippery rock.

    Let’s just say that I stayed back with the two criers until my husband and first born made it back down.

    Despite the crying, the kids did amazing. The easy scooter trail, the beautiful falls, and the picnic lunch made it feel like a true adventure.

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