Have you ever felt like you needed to get out? I mean really change things up?

“Claire,” you say. “Is this really the first blog question of your first post?You must be the newest of newbies to ask such an asinine question.”

Okay, okay. You’re totally right. It was dumb. Only because we all know we feel this way… umm… 187% of the time. Sooo… That’s why I’ve created “Adventure Mondays” in our home.

Adventures transport us to another world. They help us leave behind (even if very momentarily) the rat race that consumes our energy. Nature renews. Breaking away refreshes.

I consider myself lucky because I’m a teacher and have the summer off. My husband’s compressed workweek gives us the luxury of Monday’s.

Growing up in Portland, Oregon, there’s no shortage of amazing places to go, even with kids.

For this blog, we will transport ourselves in time four weeks ago. Our purpose: Seek Adventure. Our mission: Silver Falls. Our success rate: 95%

The two-mile loop intersected three waterfalls, had very little incline, and only one death-defying ledge. (My three-year-old almost died as he threw a rock into the water fifty feet below and began tottering on the edge before he found his footing and backed away. Phew! Another win for mama!)

Recommended for families? Yes. Adventure to be found? Yes. What are you waiting for? Go find your next adventure.

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