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My Dream Made it to the World

Nearly three years ago, I remember sitting at my sons’ bedsides, tucking them in. They wanted a story, so I came up with one. Let me back up a quick second. As a child, my family didn’t travel much, not by plane anyway. We were campers, and the furthest we got were the far reaches... Continue Reading →

My Struggle as an Indie Author

Today is one of those days where the words “I can’t do this anymore,” escapes my mouth.     If you’re a new author, I have something to tell you. Take every pre-conceived notion you’ve ever had, open a window, and throw them out. Well, as long as the notions are as such: “If I publish... Continue Reading →

It is Finished!

COVER REVEAL!! The Emerald of Viridian by Claire Norsworthy. Official release date is Monday, June 7th. After three-and-a-half long years, my book is finally being released to the world! If you like YA urban fantasy like The Mortal Instruments series or The Folk of the Air series, give mine a try! Five dying islands. Each... Continue Reading →

In a Teacher’s Shoes

    I’m standing in front of my small audience of seven live, in-the-flesh students. My other eight students are hidden behind a camera and sitting on a desk next to me. I ask a simple question: “What does ‘tener’ mean?” Three students in front of me hazard a guess. “To be?” “To have?” “It’s something... Continue Reading →

This fortnight’s survey has been provided by special guest author Claire Norsworthy

Check out my poll on!

Barbara’s Booknalysis

Claire Norsworthy was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. She began writing three years ago after having three boys in three-and-a-half years and was forced to turn to fiction for escape. Fueled by coffee and manic energy, she typed nearly one million words equaling roughly five full length novels.

In her first book, the story follows sixteen-year-old Katie Edwards after she is rejected by the boy of her dreams and wakes up in an alien world called Viridian. She has to navigate her role in saving the strange new world while also transforming herself on Earth. The first book in the series will be published in the spring of 2021.

Claire also caters to her children’s appetite for fiction and has started a children’s series about three brothers who discover a cardboard box that holds a life-altering secret. The first book of *The* *Cardboard Box Brothers* is also slated to…

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